Sh*t People Say to Front-end Developers

  1. We really don’t need a designer.
  2. What’s an information architect?
  3. Nobody will be looking at this page with a mobile device.
  4. This style guide from 2002 is still good.
  5. We really don’t need localization.
  6. This Excel spreadsheet is our issue tracker. Works great!
  7. Using Flash would make this so much easier!
  8. HTML5 is too risky and experimental.
  9. What’s a validator?
  10. Browser support? All of them, of course.
  11. We really don’t need a copywriter.
  12. Of course our users will sit through this thirty-second auto-play splash video.
  13. We really don’t need JavaScript testing.
  14. The database guy already did the HTML and CSS, so you just have to add a few tweaks.
  15. Of course our users will submit this twenty-question form before seeing our content.
  16. This will be a short project.
  • We’re waiting for requirements from product management.  When will you have the front-end done?

    • “All we want is a Facebook app. Simple–that’s all it is. Sheesh!”

  • “It’s easy, just get a plugin for that.”
    but my favorite, a real quote

    “We won’t have to do any work at all, it’s in the cloud!  That’s the whole point of putting our app in the cloud!”

  • DaveEveritt

    That’s great. But can you just…