12+ People I Owe

So here’s a pretty satisfying thought experiment/daydream: if uncountable buckets of money suddenly landed in your bank account one morning, who would you invite to share the windfall? Just in case this happens to Yours Truly, I’m writing up a list of people who devised things which made my professional life easier over the years, so that I can compensate them appropriately before I retire to a villa in Tuscany.

This villa is absolutely positioned. Photo by Maney Digital

12+ People I Owe

  1. Jesse Ruderman, for the Web Dev bookmarklets
  2. Felix Ritter, for View Formatted Source. Yes, Firebug has assumed its function, but I’m nostalgic for the day this add-on removed tons of guesswork from my project.
  3. Eric Meyer, for his Reset CSS, which introduced us to a sparkling world clean of browser defaults
  4. Joe Hewitt, Rob Campbell, et al., for Firebug
  5. Mike Buckley and Lorne Markham, for Pixel Perfect
  6. Kevin Freitas, for MeasureIt
  7. Lorenzo Colitti and Philip Chee, for FlashBlock
  8. Alex Sirota, for ColorZilla
  9. James Anderson, for Leechblock

Who will receive your gratitude?

  • Lise

    I vote for the Mozilla folks for giving both IE and Outlook a run for the money

  • @Lise–true. The days before the first stable Mozilla release were dark indeed!

    The Mozilla Foundation could always use our donations.